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Keeping Birth Safe
What is Midwifery Care?

The midwifery model of care has been found to be a safe and effective alternative to the medical model of childbirth which is commonly seen in North America today.


The midwifery model of care views pregnancy and birth as a normal, healthy process and treats it as such, rather than as a disease, illness, or medical event.  Midwives are experts in normal birth.  However, they are also trained to recognize early warning signs of complications and refer to other health care specialists appropriately.

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Evidence-Based Maternity Care

Evidence-Based Maternity Care:  What It Is and What It Can Achieve


By Carol Sakala and Maureen P. Corry


As midwives, we strive to give the best possible care to our moms and babies.  Ideally that care should be based on evidence rather than opinion, what is convenient, or what is more lucrative.  Evidence-based maternity care is determined by the systematic review of the best available research to ascertain which practices are effective, least invasive, and most likely to cause limited or no harm to expectant mothers and their infants.  This report addresses physiologic maternity care;

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BMJ:  Safety in Home Birth

British Medical Journal
June 18, 2005


“Outcomes of planned home births with certified professional midwives:  large prospective study in North America.”  Kenneth C Johnson, senior epidemiologist, Betty-Anne Daviss, project manager.  BMJ  2005;330;1416 (June 18)

This large study was based on statistics compiled by CPM’s in the US and Canada during the year 2000.  Included are data from more than 5000 births.

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