Idaho Midwives was designed to provide education materials and resources for local and regional Midwives.

About Idaho Midwifery Council

The Idaho Midwifery Council was formed in the summer of 1980 and continues to function as a voluntary professional organization, representing midwives across the State of Idaho.  Our intent is to create and maintain a vital, collaborative perinatal health care system.  The IMC is open not only to midwives, but also to all who have any interest in midwifery, whether midwife, apprentice, student, consumer and/or supporter of midwifery.  As we network together, we endeavor to encourage each other and to uphold the highest and safest standard of maternity care.


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Informed Choice

Informed choice means that you, as a consumer, do your homework. When you interview a midwife you are considering for prenatal, birth and postpartum care, these are some questions you may ask. The answers will help you decide if this midwife is the right provider for your family’s “great expectations.

Evidence Based Birth

As midwives, we strive to give the best possible care to our moms and babies. Ideally that care should be based on evidence rather than opinion, what is convenient, or what is more lucrative. Evidence-based maternity care is determined by the systematic review of the best available research …

Out of Hospital Transport Guidelines

This document speaks to our mutual interest in the health and safety of mother and baby in the event of a transfer from an out-of-hospital setting to a hospital setting. When complications develop during labor or the immediate postpartum period, access to a higher level facility with appropriate …


Being knowledgable about how the female body provides optimal health for her offspring is a fundamental part of being a Midwife. A thorough evaluation of a woman’s breasts, her breastfeeding history, and surgery or trauma to her breasts is a critical part of her prenatal care.

Midwifery Model of Care

The midwifery model of care has been found to be a safe and effective alternative to the medical model of childbirth which is commonly seen in North America today. The midwifery model of care views pregnancy and birth as a normal, healthy process and treats it as such …


The Idaho Midwifery Council has adopted the NACPM Standards for Practice as guidelines for practice of responsible midwifery in Idaho. The Essential Documents of the National Association of Midwives. Philosophy and Principles of Practice …