by Inga Arts, CPM

michealeaI would like to share just a few things that I have found to make a world of difference when dealing with the medical community.  Maybe you already do this, but for those of you who are new, it may be of some help.

#1 Understand that physicians practice defensive medicine and when we call on their services, we must respect that.

#2 When I am on their turf, I can make appeals, but I will not make demands. (I explain this to my clients.)

#3 Treat medical personnel with the respect and courtesy you yourself would want.  If the on call physician has been difficult to work with in the past and you have the option,  transport to another facility.  If you do not have this option, you really have to bend over backwards to make it as good as possible for your client.  That’s what it’s all about.

#4 Don’t let your pride stand in the way of a good experience for your client.

We must work together to uphold the standard of midwifery care as a respectable career, to bridge the gap with our medical community in a professional manner, and to understand and appreciate our physicians when our births leave our scope of practice and expertise.

I believe that we can be “all that we can be” if we practice this even with one another.  We have so much to offer, as midwives, and we have a state full of really great women whose goal is to serve women and their families.  We can all use the reminder that we are not in this for ourselves, but for the women we serve.  I hope and pray that we can continue to work together in humility, honoring one another’s beliefs, goals, and practices, as we would want to be honored.  We do not all practice the same, but that’s what makes us great midwives.