1069918_666191153395813_451419625_nThe following excellent information is from the Spokane Regional Health District in Spokane, Washington.  It can be obtained in the form of a magnet, which may be viewed at


We offer it here for your information.

          ♥     Feed baby slowly and burp often.

          ♥     Make sure the baby’s diaper is dry.

          ♥     Give baby a warm bath.

          ♥     Dim lights and lower noise level.

          ♥     Play soft music, sing or talk to baby in a calm voice.

          ♥     Hold baby close and rock gently.

          ♥     Take baby for a car or stroller ride.

          ♥     Call a friend or relative you trust.

          ♥     Put baby in crib or bassinet and take a break.

          ♥     NEVER SHAKE OR HIT A BABY.

          ♥     Call 1-800-4-ACHILD 24 hours/day.

Idaho Midwifery Council thanks Spokane Regional Health District for permission to publish the above information on our web site.