The Quality Improvement Committee


The Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) for the Idaho Midwifery Council has been formed and is ready to proceed.  Those serving on the committee are Charity Catlin of Region 1, Sue Struble of Region 2, and Annette Lewis of Region 3.  Region 4. Kathy LeBaron.

The midwifery community, their clients, the adjunct healthcare providers who interface with midwives and the public need a respectful, confidential space to air grievances related to midwifery services. The QIC will offer an avenue outside of the formal complaint tract in place. (The formal process is through the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses (IBOL) for the Idaho State Board of Midwifery) 

The QIC will be mindful to reinforce the IMC mission and purpose of promoting competent midwifery practice, providing opportunities for training and continuing education, promoting communication between midwives and between other professional and non-professional groups concerned with improving perinatal outcomes, and helping assure safe, quality childbirth practices for Idaho families.  Our commitment is to helping midwives improve their practice and their future outcomes.  

We are ready to receive your issues, concerns or complaints regarding an Idaho midwife or student, whether you are a consumer, midwife or other health care professional, or a member of the general public. 

We are asking you to follow this procedure for filing your concern/complaint:

1.) Please file your concern/complaint in writing.  This can be sent either by mail or email, to the Chairperson of the QIC:  

By mail: Annette Lewis, CPM, LM

                903 South Commercial Ave

                Emmett, ID,  83617,  


 2.) Please include the following information:

    a.) Your name and contact information.

    b.) Provide names and contact information for all parties involved. 

    c.) State clearly the problem or  concern.  Please be specific and objective in describing the incident      or problem and give dates when the incident or problem occurred.  

    d.) What steps have you already taken to address/resolve the issue, and the results thus far.

     e.) What you feel is necessary to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.

After your written concern has been received by the Chairperson, the committee will begin it’s work, which includes sending copies of the written concern to the committee members, as well as a copy sent to the midwife/student/person in question.   For the complete procedure, please see the article in the fall 2016 IMC Newsletter Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) for the Idaho Midwifery Council.

Thank you for all your hard work in behalf of the birthing families and professionals throughout Idaho.

Members of the QIC:
Annette Lewis (Chair)
Charity Catlin, Sue Struble,
Kathy LeBaron